Save Your Smile With Emergency Dentistry

If you experience a dental emergency, Dr. Glasper and her team at Revive Dental in Marriottsville, MD, are here to help. Dental emergencies can vary in cause and severity and range from sudden toothache pain to tooth trauma. As your trusted emergency dentist, we provide immediate care and guidance to address your urgent dental needs effectively and efficiently.

What constitutes a dental emergency?

Common dental emergencies include:

  • Severe or Sudden Toothache: Persistent, intense tooth pain often indicates an underlying condition such as decay or infection.
  • Traumatic Injuries: Teeth that have been fractured, knocked out, or cracked need prompt attention to prevent possible loss of the tooth.
  • Infections and Abscesses: Severe pain, pus, and swelling may indicate an abscess or severe infection, requiring swift treatment to avoid future complications.
  • Lost Crowns or Fillings: If a filling or crown is lost, the tooth is vulnerable to further damage and sensitivity.
  • Broken Orthodontic Devices: Lost or broken brackets, wires, aligners, or retainers require timely repair or replacement.
  • Uncontrollable Bleeding: Bleeding from the gums or teeth due to an injury or underlying health condition needs immediate attention.

What treatments are involved?

Dental emergency treatment varies depending on the specific issue and may include:

  • Pain Management: The dentist may prescribe antibiotics or pain relievers to help alleviate discomfort and prevent infection.
  • Tooth Restoration: This involves repairing fractured or broken teeth, reinserting knocked-out teeth, or replacing lost crowns and fillings.
  • Abscess Drainage: Draining an abscess helps relieve pressure and remove the infection.
  • Root Canal Therapy: A root canal may be recommended to remove infected tissue and save a severely damaged tooth.
  • Orthodontic Adjustments: Replacing or repairing broken wires, brackets, and aligners ensures your orthodontic treatment plan stays on track.
  • Soft Tissue Treatment: To promote healing and prevent infection, injuries to the cheeks, lips, gums, or tongue may require cleaning and suturing.

If you experience a dental emergency, please reach out to the team at Revive Dental. We provide a complete emergency dental service that is intended to solve urgent dental difficulties swiftly and effectively. 


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  • Mitigate toothache pain and discomfort
  • Curtail the onset of infection
  • Save teeth from possible extraction
  • Repair cracked, broken, fractured teeth
  • Get timely treatment when you need it most!